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Applied Learning Program (ALP)

The educational program for students in Senior Secondary promotes adult standards of behaviour based on cooperation, independence and self-discipline.

Students in Senior Secondary are placed into the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning – Foundation level (VCAL) or Applied Learning Program (ALP).  These courses of study are undertaken over a two year period. Both programs are competency based and students are required to demonstrate skill acquisition and understanding through functional application both at school and in the community. Decisions on the structure of a students’ program are based on individual needs, academic assessments and the considered view of teaching and Allied Health staff based on their knowledge of students and prospective programs.

The Applied Learning Program is structured to meet the needs of the students who are developing independence as well as formal academic skills. The program utilises the Applied Learning (hands-on, learning by doing) approach to education and there is a significant focus on links to the community, real-life experiences and tailoring learning opportunities to meet the needs of the student in preparing for life beyond school. The main goal of the Applied Learning Program is to assist students in transitioning to work or further education centres upon completion of year 12.

The ALP students are required to undertake studies within the following four strands:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Vocational Education
  • Social Competencies (Personal and Interpersonal learning)

Vocational Skills

The Year 11-12 programs also assist students in developing work and vocational skills. This is achieved through participation in our workstations, careers elective and our community-based volunteer programs. Many students also have access to supported or independent work placements as part of the Work Related Skills strand of VCAL and the Vocational Education strand of the ALP.

Integrated Studies

In VCAL, students are expected to undertake studies within the Integrated Units. While these units of study have their basis in the Personal Development strand of VCAL, they incorporate many learning outcomes from the other strands.

Students are offered a rich variety of activities within the following programs:

  • Environmental Studies
  • City Orientation Program
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Life Skills (World of Work)

The ALP also provides opportunities for students to do project-based work that incorporates learning outcomes from across the curriculum.

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