Concord School

Camping Program

All students participate each year in the camping program which provides students with the opportunity to experience, and put into practice, the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills which have been taught as part of the general and specialist programs.

The Camping program has been carefully planned to ensure that camps increase in duration and challenge as students move through the year levels within the school. Students have been provided with a wide range of quality experiences with extension camps also offered to Year 7-8 (Alpine Bike Ride) and Year 9-10 (Ski Camp) students.

The Camping Program is

Year LevelNightsLocation
Prep1Dinner at restaurant
Year 12Sleep over at school
Year 2-62Adventure camps in Victoria
Year 7-82Adventure camps in Victoria (sleep in tents)
Year 9-102Challenge camps in Victoria
Year 11-12 (ALP)3Melbourne city
Year 11-12 (ALP)3Adventure camps in Victoria
Year 11-12 (VCAL)3Challenge camps in Victoria
Year 11-12 (VCAL)4Sydney
Year 11-12 (VCAL)4Canberra