Concord School

Food Technology

Students from Year 7-12 participate in weekly Food Technology sessions with a Specialist teacher in our attractive and functional kitchen.

Students in Year 7-8 learn about the five food groups and daily nutrition while making a variety of dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Their cooking lessons are also linked with their current unit of work. Year 9 and 10 students make and eat their own lunch at school. They are expected to improve their food preparation skills, set the table correctly, engage in social skills, use cutlery effectively and display appropriate table etiquette. The Year 11 and 12 students attend Food Technology as a 13-week elective, choosing from a range of cooking activities such as catering, pies and pastries, winter warmers, healthy snacks, cookies and cakes and Christmas treats.

The students are proud of the skills they develop in Food Technology and always enjoy eating the delicious foods they make.

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