Concord School

Applied Arts

Applied Arts provides secondary students at the Bundoora Campus with the opportunity to participate in a realistic workshop experience. Often focusing on woodworking practices, units cover content that also includes some metal work, jewellery and design development.

As part of the Secondary 7/8 Specialist Program, students will be introduced to basic woodworking and construction techniques for one term. Students in Secondary 9/10 have the opportunity to choose Applied Arts as a Specialist Elective where they can further develop their skills and interest in the subject across a Semester.

Students will learn to identify and use a range of tools and equipment safely in an authentic workshop setting including saws, hammers, vice, drills and clamps. We use a range of materials like timber, plywood, wire and upcycled resources to make fun and functional projects. Students will be encouraged to be creative and experiment as they complete set tasks and individual projects such as mirrors, clocks, soap holders, wire pendants and bookends.

All students are supported by a classroom teacher and ES staff member to safely develop their confidence and skills in a shared workspace.

Students are motivated to participate in Applied Arts and proud of the projects they complete and take home.