Concord School

Digital Technology

Students at the Bundoora Campus participate in Digital Technology sessions with a specialist teacher in our Discovery Centre. 

Students in Upper Primary learn the essential processes necessary to use iPads and laptops successfully, including typing, word processing and file management skills. They are also introduced to programming through fun, hands-on activities with the Bee Bot and Dash and Dot robots.   

Secondary 7/8 students expand on their skills, focusing on different ways we use technology. They experience a range of topics that include movie making, robotics and coding while continuing to hone their word processing and file management skills. Students also develop their problem solving and collaborative skills by completing team challenges in Minecraft Education. 

In Secondary 9/10 and 11/12, students choose elective subjects. They are offered programs that cover topics such as game making, coding, robotics, 3D printing, digital design and movie making. In each program students also develop their essential learning management skills by reflecting on their work in different ways, such as making a movie or creating a PowerPoint or Google Site website. Students are introduced to Google Drive and Google Classroom. 

The highly popular Minecraft Club is also offered to the secondary 7-12 students and is a space where students can share their knowledge, host worlds and work collaboratively whilst having a lot of fun. 



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