Concord School

Food Technology

Students at the Bundoora Campus participate in Food Technology sessions with a specialist teacher in our attractive and functional kitchen. These groups also have access to and utilise the produce grown in the Concord Kitchen Garden.

Students in Upper Primary learn basic kitchen skills, where food comes from, cooking around the world and how to grow food.

Secondary 7/8 students learn about making healthy food choices. they also learn about different tastes and eating your colours, nutrition and what people need to live a healthy life. Student’s participate in preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the term.

In Secondary 9/10 and 11/12, students choose termly elective subjects. Students will be offered elective programs focused on extending their kitchen skills and developing their independence in the kitchen. Some of the elective topics include Winter Warmers, Kitchen Garden, Culture Cooking, Eat Fresh, Concord Community Cooking, Make Me a Masterchef and Cook Your Style.

There is a permanent ES staff member in the Food Technology room with the teacher at all times to ensure that the programs run safely.

The students are proud of the skills they develop in Food Technology and always enjoy eating the delicious foods they make.



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