Concord School

Integrated Units

Integrated Curriculum is incorporated into the curriculum of all learning areas from Prep-10.

Integrated Curriculum links the knowledge, skills and behaviours of:

  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning
    (Health and P.E.; Personal Learning; Interpersonal Development; Civics and Citizenship)
  • Discipline-based Learning
    (The Arts; English and LOTE; The Humanities – Geography, History, Economics; Mathematics; Science)
  • Interdisciplinary Learning
    (Communication; Design, Creativity and Technology; Information and Communications Technology; Thinking Processes)

Each of four Topics, taught over one semester in a two-year cycle, is explored developmentally from Foundation to Year 10. This developmental approach ensures that content is not repeated and is built upon to match the maturity and readiness of students at each level.

Our whole school program is revised annually and specific DET initiatives and local, national and world events are incorporated into our Integrated Curriculum. This promotes the development and awareness of issues such as different cultures, equal opportunity, human rights, conservation, gender equity, social responsibility and co-operation.

As part of the students’ total growth and learning experiences, significant events and festivals such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Literacy and Numeracy Week, ANZAC Day and Reconciliation Week are also incorporated into our classroom programs through the Integrated Curriculum.

In addition, students in Year 9-10 participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program. They are expected to meet the requirements in relation to learning a new skill, undertaking an adventurous journey, participating in physical recreation and participating in community service. Annual camps are linked to this program.

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