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Outdoor Education

Students in the Secondary sections have the opportunity to participate in Outdoor Education with a specialist teacher. The students foster their adventurous spirit while engaging in healthy, physical activities. Outdoor education provides the students a space to work cooperatively in new and challenging environments which develops teamwork and confidence with other students, educational support staff and teachers.

The Secondary 7/8 program consists of each class going to weekly swimming lessons for one term each year. The students learn about water safety with safe entry and exiting of the water, familiarity with blowing bubbles under water and breathing while practicing swimming strokes. Students work on being relaxed in the water from floating on their backs and refining different swimming strokes such as backstroke and freestyle. This program will help build student’s confidence in and around water. 

In Secondary 9/10 and 11/12, students get to choose semester based elective subjects including Outdoor Education.  In this subject, students will be challenged by a range of different outdoor activities where they can push themselves through learning in the outdoors. Students develop an understanding of the potential hazards inherent in a range of environments in both land and water. Some of the activities that we cover are bush walking, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkelling and bike riding.  

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