Concord School

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is integrated through classroom programs. In addition, the Watsonia Campus and the Bundoora Campus each have a specialist teacher who teaches Performing Arts to all students.

The Performing Arts program at the Watsonia Campus aims to enhance the students’ understanding and appreciation of music by exploring ways to produce sound through the use of body percussion, instruments, objects and their voices individually and in group situations.  It incorporates dance and drama and exposes the students to activities that focus on whole body movement and expression through improvisation. Students build self-esteem and self-confidence and are encouraged to take turns, share and work cooperatively with their peers to perform for familiar audiences.

The Performing Arts program at the Bundoora Campus offers an opportunity for students to explore the areas of drama, music and dance. Students are encouraged in participate in dramatic role play and improvisation activities that promote listening and speaking, thinking and problem solving and imagination and confidence. Music and dance offer an opportunity for students to explore different musical concepts and elements extending their appreciation for music and movement to music.

Students listen, organise sound/compose and perform within the class and to extended audiences.

In addition, Concord School has a rock band named ‘Unbroken’ as well as two choirs which rehearse each week and perform regularly at events including school assemblies and Christmas Concerts.

Year 7-8 stages a musical theatre production each year with full casting, costuming and production. Past productions have included Grease, Hairspray and Mamma Mia.

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