Concord School


Secondary students at the Bundoora Campus are provided with the opportunity to engage with a dynamic science curriculum through hands on activities and experiments. During Secondary 7-12 Science Elective programs, students work together to make experiments come to life. Lessons are multimodal, enabling students of all learning styles and abilities to participate in offered activities.

Learning to stay safe during practical activities is an integral part of all Science programs. All classes engage in safety sessions, with explicit teaching around identifying and troubleshooting potential hazards in the Science classroom. Students learn how to use equipment correctly and have the opportunity to dress like a scientist, wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. 

As part of the Secondary 7/8 Specialist Program, students learn to set up, conduct and record the results of guided investigations. They are given multiple opportunities to observe how each experiment works through visual and teacher demonstration, before working with peers or independently to recreate the experiment. Chosen experiments target science understandings of biological, chemical, physical and earth and space sciences.  

Students in Secondary 9/10 have the opportunity to choose Science as a Specialist Elective, where they can further develop their skills and interest in science. For each unit of work, students focus on learning key science concepts, whilst participating in weekly practical experiments to help consolidate their learning. 

Students in the Secondary 11/12 elective work in teams to help plan, design, build prototypes and carry out simple experiments. This program relies heavily on student voice, as groups are able to make suggestions for student directed experiments and projects. Past groups have also created videos and Kahoot quizzes to help teach students about science safety.