Concord School

Concord School’s eLearning vision is to promote multiliterate, 21st century learners. Students are encouraged to employ digital technologies safely and responsibly to promote curiosity, enquiry, creativity and independence. eLearning supports authentic learning and assessment in a technologically rich, personalised learning environment across all areas of the curriculum.

eLearning is seamlessly interwoven into all curriculum areas from Prep to Year 12 to engage students in powerful learning.

Students are guided to use iPad apps from our ‘Apps to Support Personalised Learning in Numeracy’ matrix in addition to numerous software programs and interactive whiteboard resources to support Numeracy learning. Additionally, students are given opportunities to engage in personalised learning in Literacy and thinking skills through a variety of creative and innovative apps and software as well as hands-on robotics. The use of film-making is employed to enhance multi-literate skills. Students are able to use both mobile technology and our state of the art TV studio to perform, create and edit films on a variety of topics related to their studies as well as learn backstage skills such as lighting and sound editing.

Teachers regularly participate in eLearning coaching sessions with their students to support and enhance both teacher and student learning.