Concord School

Is my child eligible to attend Concord School?

In order for students to be enrolled at Concord School, your child requires an Intellectual Disability Diagnosis with a Full-Scale IQ score between 50 and 70. Enrolments will require Special School Verification confirmation from the Department of education.

Students who live within the Concord School’s designated bus zone are eligible for free Department of Education bus transport to and from school. See Enrolment/Bus Transport for further information.

For further information regarding eligibility, please contact the relevant Campus Principal.

Principal ClassLearning AreaTelephone
Kath MooreLower Primary9432 7978
Matthew Di DomenicaUpper Primary and Secondary9467 3972

Do I need to live in the school zone to attend Concord School?

No, you do not need to live in the school zone to attend Concord School however you can only access the free DET bus transport to and from school if you live inside the designated transport area.

Many families choose to send their child to Concord School from out of the zone and either drive them or train them to travel on public transport.

What will my child be taught?

The students are taught the mainstream Victorian Curriculum (Years F-10) and Victorian Pathways Certificate (Years 11-12) curriculum however the educational pathway of each student is specifically tailored, through the use of Individual Learning Plans, to meet their targeted learning needs.

What happens when my child leaves school?

All students pursue either further education (Day Programs or TAFE) or employment (supported or independent) when they leave Concord School.

From as early as Year 9, our Careers and Transitions Coordinator coordinates the career education of our students and works with families to determine the future pathway for each student.

Please see the Careers and Transitioning section of the website for further information.

Is there a school uniform?

Yes, there is both a Primary (Years F-6) and Secondary (Year 7-12) school uniform and the wearing of the uniform is strictly enforced.

There is a strong belief that the wearing of school uniform encourages a school identity, promotes a sense of pride in the school and promotes an ethos of equality.

Please see the School Uniform section of the website for further information.