Concord School


 Dear Mr Coningsby

Hello, I have enrolled my son Name Withheld(NW) into Concord School to start this year, term 1. I have in fact met you in the foyer and mentioned how excited I was to get my son here.

Our journey ‘prior’ to here was not a great one, nevertheless, the journey once hearing of Concord School is definitely worth sharing. My first contact here was Christine Pillot. Her compassion, listening and definite follow-up skills are something of which I am most grateful. Christine visited NW at his old Primary School and he felt very comfortable and “rescued!!!” He was so excited to be accepted and even his sleep pattern was more rested.

Once the words “Concord School” were planted in me, it was both encouraging and bizarre at what was to follow. We were living outside of your zone and even at this distance, I was hearing about Concord!

  • My hairdresser’s sister did a placement with you and was raving at her experience and was “hoping to get a position” (but none available).
  • My mother bumped into our doctor’s old receptionist who asked about NW and she was thrilled that he was going to start at Concord! …. Adding that she wants her grandchild to go there.
  • My boss at work knows a lady working there and quoted “she won’t retire, she loves it!”
  • A patient at work (hospital) of which I had spent quite some time with, has a child going there BUT, I did not know this at first. She had mentioned her son was ‘’special’’ and I shared “like mine”. A couple of weeks later, she came back to my department looking for me, she said that she had on her heart to ask me if I found a school for NW. I told her I had only just decided that Concord was my choice even though I had to move house etc. …. but I was determined to make this happen. I needed to. She then grabbed my hands and started crying (happy tears). We sat down and she said “Concord saved my son from being quite troubled at primary to a wonderful transition of calm upon entering High School”. So….we cried a little together and I haven’t seen her since. What a wonderful experience.
  • My cousin’s wife is a teacher’s aide from ‘the old Yooralla’ and had a half day visit with her colleagues to Concord late last year (a professional prospective). She was so impressed at the unity within your staff toward the children and much more. This was very encouraging also.
  • My parents brought NW to his first orientation at which time, uniform was purchased through your receptionist Debbie. She was most uplifting and my little NW hugged her.
  • There were two other people I met at work that commented positively about Concord also, both of whom live quite far from Bundoora.
  • I introduced myself and my son to the bus supervisor before starting its use. She helped introduce me to a parent to help me with ‘pick-up’ a couple of days a week which was paramount to me.

I have been so excited to start here. Thanks goes to you and praise to the reputation filtering out. NW has now been there a little while and has had a few bumps in the road. Bearing in mind, he has moved schools, left friends, changed routine, moved away from his grandparents and left his old home, within 6 months!!

I am encouraged that the team at Concord will continue to be a positive change in both our lives.

Yours gratefully
Mum’s name withheld

Dear School Principal and School Council President,

As a new family to Concord School, I wanted to share with you and members of school council, our early experiences with the school. As a parent of an additional needs child with severe anxiety disorder amongst other things, can I just say how exciting and relaxing our first few weeks have been. We struggled for a long time with making the right decision about which secondary setting would suit our son the best, and it’s been a long and overwhelming journey at times. After many years in the same mainstream primary educational setting, it’s been hard to leave that behind and move on. Many of you have probably cried on your preppie’s first day at school – I cried on my son’s first day at Secondary school, unsure of what to expect, how he would adjust or how we’d be received.

Our concerns have been completely unfounded! The year 7/8 team leader Christine Pillot, has been amazing from the very start. She has given us her undivided attention and support and has been very welcoming, as has his class teacher whose calm and comforting personality has been paramount to our son’s level of comfort and smooth beginning.

It’s all the little things that have made such a difference – from the lovely ladies in the office, to yourself and every member of staff saying hello in the corridors and introducing themselves. We have never been made to feel unwelcome or like we are intruding. The school’s transparency and communication has to be the best I’ve ever come across, and I can say that having served on many school council’s and committees.

We have faced many, many challenges in the past, and at times the path was very unclear. We expect our time at Concord to be wonderful and can finally see a bright future for our son. We sincerely thank you and look forward to continuing to work with the school over the next few years.

Warm Regards,
Mum and dad’s names withheld