Concord School

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Students use a variety of software appropriate to their development to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Students are introduced to robotics with BeeBots and Dash and Dot robots. They are able to learn simple commands to control the behaviours of these robots before moving onto Probots and the Dash and Dot Wonder suite of apps where more advanced programming skills are learnt. 

Students are further exposed to programming through programs such as Kodable, Minecraft and the hands on LEGO WeDo kits. In the later years students learn how to develop their own computer games within programs that use visual code such as the Hopscotch app.

Students have particularly loved using command code within Minecraft to extend their coding skills and enhance their playable worlds. Minecraft is a great way to engage our students and is used in different ways to develop problem solving and critical thinking.