Concord School

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists work with students and staff across the whole school. Together we understand the students’ learning needs to provide an optimal and accessible learning environment for all ages. 

The Occupational Therapy program aims to support students to engage and participate in school environments and to access the curriculum. This may include group intervention programs, whole class sessions, and support to classroom staff to implement individualised support strategies. Occupational Therapy promotes development in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing and self-regulation, social and emotional skills. 

The Speech Pathology program supports students with speech, language (receptive and expressive), literacy and social skills. These programs are delivered through a variety of whole class and small group sessions to establish a consistent approach with the teacher and to allow for transference of the skills across settings. Speech Pathologists work collaboratively with the classroom staff to support students’ communication within the school environment, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, sign and oral language.

The Allied Health Team works to ensure all students that attend Concord School are supported with communication, literacy, social skills, self-regulation and functional independence skills.  We believe students have the capacity to leave the school as confident young people with skills to be in the community and be prepared for future employment. 

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