Concord School

Speech and Occupational Therapy

The Lower and Upper Primary each have both a Speech and Occupational Therapist working with students to improve their functional ability through engagement in a variety of activities. Teachers of students in the Secondary School access the Speech and Occupational Therapists on a consultancy basis.

The Occupational Therapy program promotes the skilled use of students’ hands and fingers for writing, drawing, cutting, grasping and manipulating objects within their environment. It promotes the development of motor planning and coordination through engagement in activities that include; balancing, climbing, throwing and catching. This assists students to develop an understanding of how their body works and moves through their environment

The Speech Pathology program provides group language and phonological awareness sessions. In addition to the group sessions, the speech pathologists work intensively with individual students and assist teachers within the classroom setting. Students may also receive support in using their Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices. There are several students using the iPad, Mini Mo, Dynamo and Palm Talk devices to augment their speech. Other visual schedules/timetables and behaviour management signs are used widely throughout the school.

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